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Sweet Sixteen

September 1

Stand up paddle boarding, and a picnic. Not bad way to celebrate 16 years wedded!








Ain’t No Party Like A Princess Ninja Party

August 14

6 years old!


From making lace crowns and ribbon wands to candy sushi, dragon veggie platter, princess ninja cake toppers, paper fortune cookies and planning a ninja training course…I don’t know who was more excited, the girls or me?!?

I LOVED this theme and had so much fun planning it!

All Drama, Even When Asleep

August 12

Much to the girls dismay, we split them up to go to sleep last night. They were beyond silly and it was getting super late.
After some heavy weeping they fell asleep. (phew)
Later, when we went to check on Fi, she was asleep, clutching this pic of her and El to her chest.
These two melt me into a puddle of mommy goo.



August 12

Right here….

“The thing about having young kids is you don’t have to worry about having a continuous conversation with your spouse anymore.” :p -bill

Fairy El

August 7

I can’t even!

IMG_1718.JPGShe came flitting outside all dressed this way.

Twin Mommy Problems

July 14

Nothing like having the first eye appointment of the day, and it still taking three hours.

the boy with the hair

July 14

This kid got third place in the Forensics Meet…


Summer Fun

July 14

I’d say she likes the fire pit and s’mores!


Monkey…oh oh ah ah

April 30

Fia’s current love du jour are monkeys. She is currently planning a Monkey wedding with her fave stuffed animals. She has a veil, and bow tie, made personalized invitations, has Ella being a bridesmaid with her, picked a bouquet , made posters advertising the wadin (love creative spelling), picked a special desert and picked petals to throw at the happy monkeys as well as having me give her a mani/pedi. Love it and her!!!!

Also, my browsing history shows that she was asking Siri “Is it possible to own my own pet monkey?” Taking it to whole other level!



Seashells From The Seashore

April 7

Quick crafts are the best crafts! Pretty up some shells with paint and voila!



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