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Mother & Child

August 14


The real story.
This photo was taken in a sparse room in a third world country. It was taken on one of the first visits of me seeing my soon to be son for the first time. It captured the essence of the moment. The joy, the pain of separation and the spiritual experience of finally, finally holding my boy. Snuggling him close, smelling his hair, feeling his warmth and basically falling in love. The love was always there, from the very first idea of him, but upon meeting and holding him and knowing it was meant to be and it was forever. Adoration and wonder exploded and that is what you see.
I am glad people see this picture and like it, that they resonate with it, that they want to use it in project, dissertations, or for special services. Sometimes people ask, sometimes they don’t. I find this picture in odd places sometimes, so regardless of where it’s at and what the story is attached to it, I thought I’d share the REAL story. The one where a mother and child, although a half a world away, united to make a family.
Thank God!

Homecoming 2010

May 6

A small baby an ocean away, in a country totally foreign to me.  It
seems so odd because you are right where you belong. LM, this story of ours, is so right that it gives me faith when I forget to believe.

I love you.  I will never be the perfect mother, but know this, my love for you is so
sweet and
deep and tender, that I want to be.  It sounds so simple, but really it's not.  I  hope that
one day you'll experience it with children of your own.  A love so deep it
aches, painful yet joyous.  It's complicated and emotional, and totally
amazing.  You are amazing.  

You are ours and we are yours…always. 


Adoption 101

December 2

Inevitably, when the subject of adoption occurs, someone asks me about my or Liam's "real" parents.  I'm always amazed.  I realize, often, that it is lack of education on the subject…I try to have patience with people and correct their terminology.  As a child and mother of adoption, it really ticks me off.  So folks, school is in, this is not a new concept…I am very much a real mother as was mine.  I resent what that "real" implies.  As if biology trumps all else.  The correct terminology would be birth or biological parent.