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March Madness

March 12











Doc Who?!?!

February 16

I tried, I just can’t get into Doctor Who.


February 5

The DC comics crew are pretty much banned from our house, because Bill is a Marvel man all the way!
Marvel madness this weekend, we actually watched two movies. I know, I know, I already previously stated “madness”.
So what I want to know is, what is up with all the hate? Captain A was pretty cool, kind of what u would expect and Thor was fantastical and fun. What’s to hate haters? Yeah, no academy award riddled drama, but my expectations were totally met!

I heart my Netflix….

April 23

although it is MORE then frustrating, when you get to the apex of a movie and it stops working.  Seriously, DVD’s are like the worst technology ever.


March 11

Looks so lame, I have to see it!      Moby, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, Alice Cooper…well, I just need to see it.

I’m laughing at you.

February 22

We were watching HP & the Half Blood Prince last night…we started the other night and Bill fell asleep.  I was catching Bill up on what he missed…I was telling him something about Harry, he interrupted me and said "Harry who?"  I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

Lars & The Real Girl

February 3

So, I'd been putting off seeing this movie, because well, you know, a "doll", was slightly off putting. 

All I have to say is, see it.  Ryan Gosling ROCKED this role.  The nuances of his character were sad AND funny. 


I love the exploration of community and the power it has to heal in it's willingness to help and understand one of it's members.  In some cases, not only helping Lars, but themselves as well.  Pretty awesome.

HP marathon

January 19

at our house. 

I heart Harry Potter.


That’s so Liam

January 12

As with most children, there are certain DVD's he watches over and over.  Unlike most children, he fast forwards to certain scenes and freezes the movie frame by frame (none of this slow motion garbage) to study it.  I have seen every nuance in certain Star Wars fight scenes…Dooku flying out of his desk or a light saber cutting through an object.  Always accompanied by LM saying, "Mom, you've got to see this." 

Julie Julia

December 15

No complaints here.  Sweet movie, nothing Earth shattering, but good.  Loved the portrait of Julia Child's romance with her husband.  Yet again, Meryl Streep rocks it.