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Ain’t No Party Like A Princess Ninja Party

August 14

6 years old!


From making lace crowns and ribbon wands to candy sushi, dragon veggie platter, princess ninja cake toppers, paper fortune cookies and planning a ninja training course…I don’t know who was more excited, the girls or me?!?

I LOVED this theme and had so much fun planning it!

An alliteration…

September 6

fireworks, fun with friends & first days!

Fireworks 2013:


Fun with friends feeding alpacas at the farmer’s market:



First day of school for Liam, 6th grade (crazy town) and first day with kids for Bill this school year.





October 6

Liam is now ones.
Crazy, crazy good!

Love you little one and am so proud of you!!!

Some pics of party day from my phone….have yet to upload them from the camera! Mama is a procrastinator!




Play Date at The Plaza

April 20

Spent some quality time with Erin in the city, got to meet baby Owen (so sweet) and catch up! Fia and Ella, had the best time at the Eloise store….they are totally convinced they were playing with her toys!


March Madness

March 12











Your 40 & you know it!

March 4

Happy birthday to my sweet prince (you are still mine even if Ella insists that you are hers…you know dancing with a girl in a princess dress seals the mans fate in her mind….so presh!)

Okay back to the post, Bill wanted a party for the big 4-0 and that’s what he got….I’ll post pics when I up load them!

Happy birthday again, to an amazing man, love you always. To many years ahead! Cheers!

no, no, no, no, no no no

October 19

Liam got his first giggly girl phone call.  Two girls in his class just had to call him because they "missed" him.  They inadvertently admitted to "liking" him. 


Third grade people, this is ridic.  

He's sweet and cute, but seriously, this mama is not prepared for aggressive little girls. 


July 21

SO the fam is heading to Seaside for some fun in the sun…where there have been some recent shark sightings.  No, I do not want sharks near the coast.

Oh Holly, I thought of you, but know you probably won't see this, you know being in Iran and all!  Nonetheless, this post  is dedicated to you and your shark fear.  Better me then you huh?

Right after I typed this post, I saw this sleeping bag and couldn't resist including it.  Poor taste?  Maybe, but still couldn't resist.

And the winner is…

June 27

Lisa Samson!

Lisa picked up another Chrisy award, this time for The Passion of Mary-Margaret.

Congrats girl!  Can't wait to see you in August!

Missed us?

February 18

We are back.  After a long and daunting ride home, we are back. 

Thank you fabulous Samson's for having us.

We got to share in their community meal…which is no joke.  I'm telling you, they all can COOK!  Also, we got to peruse Lisa's finds for her new Bohemian tea shop called Cuppa.  Liam got to feed the chickens…yes, even though they live in an urban community, they have chickens…they are that cool.  Will has named their chick products "Ridiculously Local."  Isn't that a great name?  Anyway, Liam played wii until his brain melted and we were able to share wine and convo with everyone.  Love you guys!  

Check this stuff out…Lisa's newest book…in cooperation with her daughter Ty and Will's newest book.


Love Mercy:  A Mother & Daughter's Journey from the American Dream to the Kingdom of God


Enough: Contentment in an Age of Excess