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Ain’t No Party Like A Princess Ninja Party

August 14

6 years old!


From making lace crowns and ribbon wands to candy sushi, dragon veggie platter, princess ninja cake toppers, paper fortune cookies and planning a ninja training course…I don’t know who was more excited, the girls or me?!?

I LOVED this theme and had so much fun planning it!


October 6

Liam is now ones.
Crazy, crazy good!

Love you little one and am so proud of you!!!

Some pics of party day from my phone….have yet to upload them from the camera! Mama is a procrastinator!





July 16

So after taking the kids to see Brave, the girls (mostly Fiona) decided we needed to have a Brave themed birthday.

I have not had a huge creative outlet lately so this was enormously fun for me. Anyone who knows me, knows I can run with a theme!

We wore warrior paint and celtic/Brave tattoos, plus, of course, jewels and rings.
Played a Will o’ The Wisps game I made up with blue balloons on our trampoline. Then, archery aimed at balloons that I pegged into the ground. Next up pinata, cake and presents. So much fun!

Happy birthday baby girls. I can not believe you are already four… crazy…crazy good!

Role Reversal

January 13

Yesterday, Liam and Bill partook in some Playstation playtime.  I hear Bill laughing about something he found amusing in the game and Liam quickly admonishing him…"Dad, FOCUS".