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The Past

February 10

The past is passed.
Learn from it but don’t live in it. Dwelling there makes it hard to live in the present and life is only lived once, so get on with it!

Listen To Your Mother: We All Have A Story

November 4

Life is not fair.
It’s just a fact, life is a combination of good and bad.
Don’t let the negative define you.
We all have a story.

Mister Roger’s Neighborhood

December 28

I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and really like this quote by him.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
― Fred Rogers

To my kids..look for the helpers.

Truth ;)

December 10


Advice to Live by

November 23

No good happens after 1am.

Haul it home, haul it home.

Listen to Your Mother~Do No Harm

October 1

Do no harm is not as widely taught as some other ideas….not stealing, killing etc. are the easy ones (in terms of notability).  Doing no harm is more elusive to teach because of it's widespread and varied nature.  It needs to be a state of mind, not just a proclamation, teaching it is hard.  It (doing no harm) is kindness to the Earth and it's inhabitants, it's respect to others and their things.  It means giving thoughtful consideration to your actions.

I had a discussion with Grandpa A not too long ago regarding this topic.  He told me he distinctly remembers learning this lesson as a kid.  And proceeded to tell me some local stories…one of kids knocking out lights on a railroad track leading to a train crash and the death of the conductor….and of kids playing with a pipeline that ended up flooding an area in town and causing millions of dollars of damage.  What scares me from these stories is that the kids involved were not out to do anything atrocious, yet their actions led to them anyway.  The problem with cause and effect is that you don't always know what the effect will be.  What I do now, is that you need to give thoughtful consideration to your actions!

As a parent my responsibility and culpability are great.  There are so many things to teach and better yet be an example of, it's hard, tiring and great all at the same time. 

To my trio of rug-rats, you are so wonderfully sweet, I pray that when life kicks (and she will, because believe me she can be a real bitch) you'll not fold to cynicism, apathy, or being mean spirited.  Hold on to who you are for this crazy life and be it. 

"Nice guys (& girls)  finish last", is just not true… nice people make the world go round and keep it moving.  Nice people are those who care about the global population, who make it possible for me to believe in peace, an end to hunger, a clean ocean, and an end to atrocities like sex trafficking. 

The "nice" people of the world are the ones who change it.  Those who don't throw their garbage out of their car windows (because that's littering) or laugh at the racist/sexist jokes (because their demeaning to others), who stands up for the kid being bullied on the playground (because we treat others how we want to be treated).  Being nice takes strength, it's hard, but you can do it, I can do it, it needs to be done.    

Listen To Your Mother~Grooming

November 28


Always pluck and shape from UNDER your brow.

Remember, a little at a time.  You can always go back and take more off, but ya can't put it back! 

Shaping tips:

You can use a white eye pencil to mark where you would like to shape.

Make a line from your iris to your brow using your pinkie.  That is approximately where your arch should be starting.

Make a diagonal line from the outer corner of your eye, that is where your brow should be tapering to.

Listen to Your Mother~Life

November 16

ALWAYS VOTE.  All three of you. 

Girls, many woman struggled for us to have the voice we may now enjoy.  Not so long ago, woman were objectified and were not respected as beings of equal intelligence or opinions.  Every vote and voice counts, make yours known.

Liam, this goes for you too.  Be an active participant in life, don't let the opinions of others be the only ones heard.

Listen to Your Mother~Grooming

November 16

If you are wearing lipstick, lick your lips before you take a sip from your glass.  It will prevent making a lipstick print.

Listen to Your Mother~Grooming

November 16

After a manicure, rub a bit of oil onto your nails…it will prevent chipping.