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Listen To Your Mother: We All Have A Story

November 4

Life is not fair.
It’s just a fact, life is a combination of good and bad.
Don’t let the negative define you.
We all have a story.


January 23

Disney On Ice…

Some very excited little girls and a quasi excited pre teen boy;).


Berry Baby

December 25


Halloween Fail

December 25

Sadly, post camera mishap involving two 11 year olds, I have no pictures from Halloween this year. It was a strange Halloween with the power outages and destruction down the shore, but to have no chronicling of it whatsoever stinks. You’ll have to use your imaginations and imagine two princesses, Merida in a red wig and Rapunzel with a long flowing braid. To serve as their royal protection, big brother was a Jedi. He was so excited about it and LOVED his costume, also an excuse to use a lightsaber in public whenever, and wherever he chose! Good times! Fun town trunk or treat!

Fun With Fi

December 25

Mama’s little baby is an early riser, mama is not.


Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya

December 8

When the doc wants to put a camera up your nose to look down your throat and tells you it will tickle, remember this, blatantly not true.

Fearless Fauna

September 26



September 23

my glass of wine is not nearly big enough.

Life is a day at the park.

August 11




Two Cuties & The Carnival

June 30

No 50/50 win, but I’ve got better goods!