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an acquired taste

January 18

Mr. Big Stuff plays on my I-pod and Liam says,
“Dad put this song on my I-Pod too, can you take all the classical music off it?”


December 22

Because I’m nice, you get a song and pictures for Soltice.

Loving Tristan P & Mr. Mraz on this.


you lucky audience get to experience Christmas cuteness…


March 11

We went to see Solas last night at the BB King Blues Cafe with Megan and Bryan.  Not only did Solas keep  us entertained, many and varied audience members did their part in making the night memorable!  If you like celtic/folk music, you should check them out.


I-Pod Idiot

December 2

Bill gave me an I-Pod awhile ago…it's pink.  The color has no bearing in this story, but come on now, it's pretty.  I want to use it, really, I do.  Now if only I could load my music correctly.  Bill has showed me over and over, and yet, I always manage to screw it up.  I don't get it.  I worked for a technology company before Liam…I played with hardware and software much more complicated then this daily.  Why, oh why, Irene?  I promise to be good to you, and only play the most awesome of music through you.  Please just accept my tunes gurl. 


October 10

Here's a sneak peak at a webisode series that Bill composed music for.  The two main characters are former Guiding Light actors.

I'm liking the idea of a show on marrieds. 

So look out for it!


October 10

I-Tunes is selling, Robin Sparkle's "Let's go to the Mall"~