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Twin Mommy Problems

July 14

Nothing like having the first eye appointment of the day, and it still taking three hours.

Listen To Your Mother: We All Have A Story

November 4

Life is not fair.
It’s just a fact, life is a combination of good and bad.
Don’t let the negative define you.
We all have a story.


March 14

This ridiculously cute princess has decided that instead of crying or whining when she is upset she will simply say “WAAAHH, WAAAH, WAAAHH”.
So funny when she does it.

Ha, ha, ha

February 18

As all kids are want to do, Liam always plays the VW Bug game.
The other day he hits Bill in the arm saying ” Punch buggy, no punch backs”.
To which Bill responds “Overruled”, and socks him (lightly of course).


January 23

Disney On Ice…

Some very excited little girls and a quasi excited pre teen boy;).


overheard from the other room

December 28

Ella just told Liam:
“It’s cool you’re the coolest boy in town.”


December 15


Truth ;)

December 10



October 14

Ella asked me for a tissue so she could “blow-up her nose”. At 4 in the morning, I found this hysterical.


May 26

Someone deigned to suggest that my life is not a musical. I beg to differ!