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The Riches

February 22

B and I have been watching this on Netflix…only 2 seasons long…totally not long enough. Minnie Driver is GENIUS, oh and have you heard her sing? I hate when there is no conclusion to an interesting story.

Let’s Make a Deal

August 11

is where it's at. 

Pure viewing satisfaction. 

Joss W

February 2

RIP Doll House…so impressed with the vision they played out in that show.  We watched the final episode last night, and you could totally see where they would have gone, had they not been canceled.  Satisfying conclusion, unlike so many shows…well done Whedon.


January 5

After watching Smallville, I had an epiphany:

I am Lex Luthor and Bill is Clark Kent. 

Doll House

December 22

Bill and I have been catching up on Dollhouse, in the epi last night, this line, cracked me up.

Topher: "I am obsolete. This must be what old people feel like. And Blockbuster."

Mad Men

November 20

We got the first season of Mad Men on Netflix.

I have always been fascinated with the 50's/early 60's.  The music, the apparel, the style.  I love Sandra Dee (Gidget anyone?) and Dorris Day and Rock Hudson and Frank Sinatra.

But man, oh man, this show is raising my feminist hackles.  Intellectually, I see how they have compounded all of the generalizations of the time onto the characters…but, that doesn't mean it's any less irritating.  Especially the racism and sexism. 

It's funny, this show helped me understand my mother just a little bit better.  A lot of the choices I have made were perceived by her as an affront. Not just to how she tried to raise me, but to women as a whole.  I don't apologize for my choices, because they are mine to make.   But I can say, I understand her disappointment a bit better.

Now, I am going to thank my mother for raising me with a powerful sense
of self, and for teaching me to speak my mind.  Regardless of who she expected me to be, and who I turned out to be, I value the confidence (to let no one bring me down) and frankness she fostered in me. 

Thank you mom. 


I heart PBS

October 26

Really, I do.  Where else can you watch a Billy Joel concert circa 1970ish, learn how the Empire State Building was made and then watch a great kids show.  The Electric Company…need I say more?

Don't even get me started on Sesame Street.  Today they had  a lemon puppet for Liz Lemon and they counted thirty rocks.  That's just awesome.  I always enjoy the huge array of guests too.  From models, to singers, to actors and activists.  I especially dug Neil Patrick Harris as the shoe fairy last week.  Funny stuff.  Plus, it's an added bonus seeing people trying to "act" with puppets…that alone provides endless entertainment.  Oh, and watching Ella watch Elmo and Dorthy the fish, that just makes my morning!

Anyway, that's my plug for the day.     


October 10

I-Tunes is selling, Robin Sparkle's "Let's go to the Mall"~



The Office

October 8

Tonight, Pam and Jim get married. 

Bring on the laughs NBC!

How I Met Your Mother Love

September 14


Bill and I just started watching the series.  At first, I wasn't getting all the love, but alas, I am now addicted.  Too bad we won't be able to catch up in time for the beginning of the newest season.  That would be (let's hear it people) LEGENDARY!

Gotta say, I'm loving Neil Patrick Harris.  He's lost his Doogie Howser facade to Barney permanently in my mind!