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HH 2013

September 6

Did a little biking, saw plantation ruins AND an alligator, visited the ocean, sat by the pool, celebrated mom’s birthday, went on a dolphin cruise and shopped, shopped, shopped.

Mother & Child

August 14


The real story.
This photo was taken in a sparse room in a third world country. It was taken on one of the first visits of me seeing my soon to be son for the first time. It captured the essence of the moment. The joy, the pain of separation and the spiritual experience of finally, finally holding my boy. Snuggling him close, smelling his hair, feeling his warmth and basically falling in love. The love was always there, from the very first idea of him, but upon meeting and holding him and knowing it was meant to be and it was forever. Adoration and wonder exploded and that is what you see.
I am glad people see this picture and like it, that they resonate with it, that they want to use it in project, dissertations, or for special services. Sometimes people ask, sometimes they don’t. I find this picture in odd places sometimes, so regardless of where it’s at and what the story is attached to it, I thought I’d share the REAL story. The one where a mother and child, although a half a world away, united to make a family.
Thank God!

Play Date at The Plaza

April 20

Spent some quality time with Erin in the city, got to meet baby Owen (so sweet) and catch up! Fia and Ella, had the best time at the Eloise store….they are totally convinced they were playing with her toys!


Car convo

February 10

We took the kids into the city, and along the way we began to talk about skyscrapers. Bill is explaining how skyscrapers are made of steel and glass, to which Ella interjects….”Dad, nobody wants to steal glass!”.


These are a few of my favorite things

September 2

Recently we have celebrated the twins birthday, went down the shore, (had an electrical fire, definitely not included in any favorite things listing, but needed to be said!), got new capes a la Grandma and checked out Musik Fest in Bethlehem, PA.


Frog themed party…froggie tattoos where a big hit.


Beautiful beach babies!


‘Tucky & Ty

August 26

Headed to Kentucky dubbed "Tucky" by the girls and "New Tucky" by Liam, to stand up with Ty.  Can not wait!  Amazing times ahead!


This is Ty at our wedding, as our flower girl, talk about a full circle moment!  Congratulations Tyler and Isaiah, may your lives be filled with wonder and joy!

Now onto 11+ hours in the car with the kids…wish us luck!

Tutankhamaun NYC

June 5

After taking Liam to Times Square for the King Tut Exhibition, I can now pronounce Tutankhamun!

Liam is fascinated with archeology and most recently has been learning all about ancient Egypt.  In fact, that's what he did his first book report ever on.  So, when I saw that Discovery was putting on this exhibit and it would be the last time to see it before it was returned to Egypt permanently, I knew we had to go.

Honestly, it was fascinating.  Taking my almost 9 year old, to learn about a 9 year old King that's tomb was discovered (well the steps to his tomb) by a child was cool in and of itself.  It's also beyond words to see artifacts that are thousands of years old that are still preserved beautifully.  My tip is to befriend the guards in the exhibit, they always seem to provide interesting additional tid-bits of info…I have found that to be true at other museums too, like the Museum of Natural History. 


Ha, I realized after we already left that we were entering Yankee territory with Liam sporting a Red Sox shirt…we only received a few looks and only one comment. 😉

It was so good being out with my guys…I'll leave you with this…

"Curiosity is an instinct, like breathing.

And in our world, wonders never cease to fire

our curiosity.  The world challenges, mystifies and

entertains.  It's part playground, part laboratory,

part untamed territory. It is an infinite source

of inspiration. It is an invitation to discover.

And discovery resides at the very core of what it

means to be alive.  We embrace the world for all

that it is, for all it's beauty, genius and surprise.

To us, the world is just awesome.

And we're glad you're here."

Missed us?

February 18

We are back.  After a long and daunting ride home, we are back. 

Thank you fabulous Samson's for having us.

We got to share in their community meal…which is no joke.  I'm telling you, they all can COOK!  Also, we got to peruse Lisa's finds for her new Bohemian tea shop called Cuppa.  Liam got to feed the chickens…yes, even though they live in an urban community, they have chickens…they are that cool.  Will has named their chick products "Ridiculously Local."  Isn't that a great name?  Anyway, Liam played wii until his brain melted and we were able to share wine and convo with everyone.  Love you guys!  

Check this stuff out…Lisa's newest book…in cooperation with her daughter Ty and Will's newest book.


Love Mercy:  A Mother & Daughter's Journey from the American Dream to the Kingdom of God


Enough: Contentment in an Age of Excess

Road trip

February 13

It’s 4 am do you know where the Arnold’s are?  Heading to “New Tucky”, or Kentucky as most of you know it.  We are on our way to spending time with the fabulous Samson’s.

ciao ciao for now.

Scottish Games

September 8

A fun time was had by all.

Bag pipes were played, fish n' chips were eaten, many a tartan viewed and the sounds of good music listened to. 

There was also the added perk of catching up with the Conklin's.  Who took plenty of pictures for Laura's scrapbook, called "Men in Skirts".  She got some interesting pictures!  Gotta say some men looked so good, dressed to the hilts in there Scottish garb, and others, well, let's just say there were some scary others.


IMG_6269 IMG_6246IMG_6263