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All Drama, Even When Asleep

August 12

Much to the girls dismay, we split them up to go to sleep last night. They were beyond silly and it was getting super late.
After some heavy weeping they fell asleep. (phew)
Later, when we went to check on Fi, she was asleep, clutching this pic of her and El to her chest.
These two melt me into a puddle of mommy goo.


Monkey…oh oh ah ah

April 30

Fia’s current love du jour are monkeys. She is currently planning a Monkey wedding with her fave stuffed animals. She has a veil, and bow tie, made personalized invitations, has Ella being a bridesmaid with her, picked a bouquet , made posters advertising the wadin (love creative spelling), picked a special desert and picked petals to throw at the happy monkeys as well as having me give her a mani/pedi. Love it and her!!!!

Also, my browsing history shows that she was asking Siri “Is it possible to own my own pet monkey?” Taking it to whole other level!



Little Scottish Lassies

January 12

Happy Hogmanay!

Listen To Your Mother: We All Have A Story

November 4

Life is not fair.
It’s just a fact, life is a combination of good and bad.
Don’t let the negative define you.
We all have a story.


September 10

Living in a town that paints paw prints everywhere showing off their Panther pride is confusing Fi & El, they keep yelling that they found one of Blue’s clues every time they see one.

HH 2013

September 6

Did a little biking, saw plantation ruins AND an alligator, visited the ocean, sat by the pool, celebrated mom’s birthday, went on a dolphin cruise and shopped, shopped, shopped.

Seriously Cute

June 20


sweet fi

February 16

Whether it comes to giant cupcakes or not, she is a sweetie.


But, the sweetest vacay moment so far, was waking up to Fia unpacking her backpack. She took out a baby picture of her and Ella and placed it next to where she was sleeping.

Sweet, sweet Fi.



January 23

Disney On Ice…

Some very excited little girls and a quasi excited pre teen boy;).


Halloween Fail

December 25

Sadly, post camera mishap involving two 11 year olds, I have no pictures from Halloween this year. It was a strange Halloween with the power outages and destruction down the shore, but to have no chronicling of it whatsoever stinks. You’ll have to use your imaginations and imagine two princesses, Merida in a red wig and Rapunzel with a long flowing braid. To serve as their royal protection, big brother was a Jedi. He was so excited about it and LOVED his costume, also an excuse to use a lightsaber in public whenever, and wherever he chose! Good times! Fun town trunk or treat!