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April 7

Halloween 2014
I know, I know, I know it is super late…but I lost ALL (I mean ALL) photo documentation of last Halloween. Still getting over that small, snafu of one of Liam’s friends…so this year I am making up for the missing year by over compensating with this!






The Past

February 10

The past is passed.
Learn from it but don’t live in it. Dwelling there makes it hard to live in the present and life is only lived once, so get on with it!

This Girl

January 13

Fia asked me to tuck her in because according to her, I do it best. She went on to tell me how great I am…so great, in fact, that when I sweep, I make the biggest piles.


Straw Scarf

January 12

First attempt at a scarf using Starbuck’s straws as the loom.

Not too shabby!



Christmas Cuteness..

January 12

& holiday fun!










Hunger Games

January 12

It’s Hunger Games around here.

I’m thinking this is Liam’s favorite Christmas present from my cousin!



Little Scottish Lassies

January 12

Happy Hogmanay!

Wedding Shenanigans

November 26

Had a blast with Bill at my cousin’s wedding….

Listen To Your Mother: We All Have A Story

November 4

Life is not fair.
It’s just a fact, life is a combination of good and bad.
Don’t let the negative define you.
We all have a story.


September 10

Living in a town that paints paw prints everywhere showing off their Panther pride is confusing Fi & El, they keep yelling that they found one of Blue’s clues every time they see one.

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